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Taeho Martial Arts is a small local Taekwondo school with strong foundations. Our courses have been designed from years of combined experience from our instructors and founder, and built with the desire to help our members become the greatest version of themself.


Taeho Martial Arts is a community, in which our instructors are positive role models that champion the importance of strong moral character, as well as physical and mental wellbeing. All of our courses aim to better our members, whether it is your martial arts skill or your physical fitness. The benefits you will gain from Taeho Martial Arts classes will surely carry over into your life.

The relationships that form between our instructors and members are truly special. Respect is highly demonstrated in our community, and everyone supports one another to achieve their goals.






2004 & 2008 OLYMPIC COACH



Taeho Uhm is a qualified 8th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo Master. Since receiving his first medal as a Taekwondo athlete in 1989 he has made remarkable achievements during his thirty year professional career. In his early days he obtained national scholarships as an outstanding youth athlete and went on to win numerous medals at prestigious national and international competitions.


After his monumental achievements as a Taekwondo athlete, he continued following his passion by coaching numerous young Korean and international athletes to achieve their ultimate goals. He became a national Taekwondo Program Coach for ‘Taekwondo Australia’, where he assisted in the preparation of elite Australian athletes for domestic, national and international competition. This coaching included the Olympics in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008. At this level, and at many other prestigious competitions, he helped in producing numerous outstanding Australian results.


His passion and belief on the impact of Taekwondo, how it serves, promotes and benefits individual’s body and soul, has led him to design great Taekwondo programs in educational settings. He helped establish the Taekwondo program at Victoria University (VU) as the director of the VU Taekwondo Academy. There are a number of his students currently working as Taekwondo instructors and trainers all around Australia.


•  Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ) Technical Advisory Committee

•  Qualified Taekwondo GrandMaster Kukkiwon 8th Dan Black Belt

•  Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ) Poom/Dan Test International 1st Class Examiner

•  WTF International Referee Certificate

•  Qualified Taekwondo International 1st Class GrandMaster Course

•  Level 1 National Coach Accreditation

•  Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU) International Coach Certificate


•  National Korea Military Championship (Coach) – 1st place: 1998, 1999, and 2000  

•  2001 Cheju World Championship – four quarter finals 

•  2002 Tokyo World Cup – three silver medals 

•  2003 Germany World Championship – one bronze medal 

•  2003 France Olympic Qualification – one gold medal 

•  2003 Thailand Olympic Qualification – two silver and one bronze medals

•  2004 Athens Olympic – one quarter final 

•  2006 Thailand World Cup – one gold and two silver medals 

•  2007 China World Championship – one quarter final 

•  2007 China Olympic Qualification – one bronze medal 

•  2007 New Caledonia Olympic Qualification – three gold medals 

•  2008 Beijing Olympic – one quarter final 

•  2009 Azerbaijan World Cup – Team Manager and Coach 

•  2009 Seoul World Youth Taekwondo Camp – Team Manager and Coach 

•  2009 Belgrade Universiade – Section Manager and Coach 

•  2009 Denmark World Championship – Head Coach 

•  2010 China World Cup – Team Manager and Coach 

•  2011 Korea World Championship – NF Olympic Taekwondo Team Selector 

•  2012 Korea World University Championship – Team Manager / one bronze medal 

•  2019 100th Korea National Sport Festival – Head Coach / one gold and one silver medal 

•  2020 Tokyo Olympic Oceania Qualification Preparations – Head of Team

•  2023 104th Korea National Sport Festival – Head of Team

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